Friday 18 October 2013


CELEBRATION TIME:: with wonderful gifts from our New Parents::: from Ireland, from USA and from USA/ Hong KONG-- some leaving the country to go back home and some are starting the exit process: Thank you very much for a pre Diwali Gift, the entire staff enjoyed the treats. May God bless your babies with health wealth and happiness

Monday 31 December 2012

Fertility Care India Art Services

Fertility Care India is an ART BANK, We are the leading provider of Indian egg donors & surrogate mothers services in India. Fertility Care India has vast collection & big database of clinical and psychological screened Indian Egg Donors & Surrogate Mothers from every region of India. Our dedicated team of doctors, medical professionals, support staff, coordinators and social workers have had the honour of assisting more than 1000 Indian and international couples become parents.. Our surrogate mothers & egg donors are dedicated to their journey of Egg Donation & Surrogacy & feel themselves lucky and comfortable to bring happiness for others.